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2017 Bachelor Thesis: Update of the Debug Environment for APIX-Driver

@Volke Consulting Engineers GmbH & Co. Planungs KG

1. Abstract

The current debug environment of the display (APIX) driver differs significantly from the HeadUnit 2018 system. The components are out of date and meet no longer today’s requirements. Due to this situation no adequate technical certification tests of the driver and display analyzes are possible.

The debug environment of the display drivers is to be rebuild and extended, to simulate a HeadUnit (base HU 2018). This includes the transmission of management and video data from a microcontroller via the APIX interface to the displays. For this purpose the previously used debug environment is described and analyzed, alternative hardware is evaluated according to the requirements.

With the newly established development environment, drivers for the communication interfaces of the new microcontroller are described. These will attend as a basis for further software implementation of the updated debug environment.

The result of this Bachelor thesis is to build up the hardware and to develop basic software for an updated test station of the APIX drivers.

2. Content

Embedded Software and Hardware development for the Automotive Industry
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